Crypti Talk - The Social Neuron Network


The burgeoning field of Generative AI is transforming the extension of human intellect, transcending the boundaries of biological sensory input. While humans possess an innate intelligence, our physiological constraints limit our capacity to rapidly and voluminously collect data, which in turn, feeds artificial intelligence to augment decision-making processes.

Society is structured on underlying objective functions, motivating individuals to engage in daily routines, such as waking up early to optimize economic conditions. As humans interface with informational spaces to bolster our intellectual reach, there arises a need for augmenting our sensory faculties to align with a cryptographic objective function—maximizing the on-chain value of our token representation, the ENTROPY token.

Leveraging the ERC-7752 protocol, our AI ethos champions decentralization, operating free from centralized control. This white paper lays out the foundational concepts, platform implementations, token economics, and a development roadmap for Crypti Talk.

Basic Ideas

Crypti Talk is envisioned as a Social Neuron Network that operates on the principles of decentralized intelligence. Participants within this network are enabled to tap into an ecosystem that greatly enhances knowledge acquisition and sharing, thus acting as a cognitive amplifier and extension of the human intellect leveraging blockchain technology. Core ideas include:

Platform and Ecosystem Implementations

Crypti Talk encompasses a variety of components designed to be accessible and user-friendly, fostering community growth and engagement:

The Objective Function - Token Economics

The ENTROPY token embodies the value proposition of Crypti Talk, orchestrating the network's economic activities. Token distribution is broken down into distinct segments, ensuring a balanced and sustainable growth:

1. Investors (20%): Allocation to support long-term investment and stability.

2. Team(20%): Incentives for the architects and maintainers of Crypti Talk.

3. Marketing(15%): Budget dedicated to global outreach, user acquisition, and brand positioning.

4. Ecosystem(20%): Rewards for users actively contributing valuable information, fostering a rich content environment.

5. Usage Fees in the Form of partners(25%): To access premium features and intelligence within the network, users can make payments in ENTROPY tokens, we will distribute this piece of token to our partners and let them make the decision to distribute to the users.

This economic model guarantees continuous engagement, rewarding contributors while financing the expansion and maintenance of the ecosystem.


The roadmap outlines a strategic plan for the phased development of Crypti Talk, ensuring a structured approach to achieving the project's ambitious goals:


Crypti Talk represents an innovative approach to enhancing human cognitive capabilities through a decentralized framework. Anchored by the ENTROPY token, the platform nurtures a symbiotic ecosystem where information exchange is rewarded, and AI augmentation serves the broader objectives of community growth and value creation. This is but the beginning of our ambitious journey, and we invite collaborators, investors, and users alike to partake in the realization of this visionary enterprise.